Things to do


Cedar Bay Villas is your idyllic landing spot and an excellent starting point to explore the numerous activities and experience options the area has to offer. For nature lovers, adrenaline buffs, fitness fans, culture seekers, culinary enthusiasts, romance seekers, the southwest end of Crete has something for every taste!

Golden Beaches

Apart from the Blue Flag Grammeno Beach with its pristine golden sand and lapping azure waters and the Votsalo Beach with its pebbly quiet shore and memorable waters, the area beyond the peninsula is famous for its stunning and unspoiled beaches. READ MORE

Amazing Cruises

A very engaging option for one to discover the hidden beauties of the southwest coastline is to participate in daily cruise excursions. READ MORE

Thrilling Activities

Some of the most popular activities you will enjoy engaging in are walking and cycling, especially during spring and autumn time. Southwest Crete is known as the land of the gorges! READ MORE

Ultimate Diving

When travelling to south Crete there is, literally, more than meets the eye. Don’t miss the underwater hidden treasures of the Libyan Sea. READ MORE

Cretan Delights

The Cretan diet is considered by most nutritionists around the world as the epitome of the Mediterranean diet. READ MORE