Cretan Delights

The Cretan diet is considered by most nutritionists around the world as the epitome of the Mediterranean diet. Apart from Crete’s flagship products such as fine wine and virgin olive oil, the island is also abundant with fresh vegetable and fruits, herbs, fresh fish and locally produced thyme honey. All of the above, aid the Cretan longevity.

When visiting Crete, you can take the opportunity to savor out all these local and freshly- prepared delicacies and decide for yourself. The locals remain true to the quality of food being served and one can taste the true Cretan flavours wherever one chooses to dine.

Within walking distance from Cedar Bay Villas, one may find the village of Kountoura, where local tavernas serve fresh seafood and other home – cooked delicacies, during the summer season. You may enjoy a lunch or a dinner, as the ideal romantic ending to your day.

Another attractive option, throughout the year, is to visit Paleochora. A 5’drive from the villas and you are found in the midst of a lively picturesque town. In the last few decades, Paleochora has become an increasingly popular south coast destination for both tourists and locals. This resulted in its significant development and growth, though without losing its local identity. Strolling through the alleyways you will discover quiet romantic tavernas, youthful night bars, local food markets and cute quirky shops.